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How can hospitality e-learning ensure a safe resumption for hotels?

Hotels all over the world are seeing a rush right now. The main aim of hotels is to please the customers, which is important for customer retention. Hence hospitality e-learning is quite important for such hotels. Through such elearning, the hotels can train their staff in different aspects of treating customers like F&B, Customer Focus, etc.

Elearning companies in the US can ensure that you can get the hospitality e-learning courses that can be tailored to suit the needs of your specific customers or you can buy readymade courses for them.

Hospitality e-learning is crucial for hotel employees because there is always a change in legislation.

For example, FDA has introduced some rules for the hotels trying to open up after lockdown as follows:

  • The premises of the hotel must be properly ventilated because the pandemic spreads through the air. The windows should be open as much as possible.

  • The ventilation facilities in the hotel should be working properly like air ducts so that guests have no trouble breathing. Also, there should not be any accumulation of molds on the inside of such ducts.

  • Pest control measures should also be followed for stopping the growth of the virus.

  • All the places in the hotel like the toilets should be sanitized

  • The hotel employees also have to be trained on proper hygiene measures which include that they should wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds. Washing hands has been made mandatory after using a bathroom, before eating, and after sneezing. All these rules can be taught to employees through hospitality elearning.

  • It’s important to maintain hygiene practices such as refraining from touching door knobs while closing the restroom door. There should be paper towels present in the bathroom for touching doorknobs.

  • There should also be the placement of hand sanitizers at different locations in the restaurant so that both employees and customers can use them. Such hand sanitizers can be placed at the reception or in the washing room. Alcohol must be present in such sanitizers at least 60%

  • Since the pandemic has such a high risk of spreading the utensils should be sanitized too. Hence FDA has introduced a regulation as per which the sanitizer must also be used in a dishwasher to disinfect the utensils.

  • The FDA also requires that the salt, ketchup, and spice holders are washed and sanitized after each party of guests is served. Apart from them, seat covers and table clothes should also be washed and disinfected.

Employee practices:

  • There should also be the provision of personal protective equipment in hotels. The employees should be wearing face masks or PPEs while serving food. The employees should change them after a shift and they should be washed.
  • If an employee is being absent from the work more than expected there should be plans to deal with the same. The employee should only be allowed to resume work after such absenteeism after a blood test has been done.

Fire prevention measures:

  • Since the hotels were closed during the lockdown, it’s important to check that after reopening the utilities are functional including electricity, gas, and lighting. Fire prevention measures should be followed like posting the layout on every floor.

This layout should be memorized by the hotel staff so that they can guide the visitors in case a fire breaks out. Here also, hospitality e-learning is useful because the hotel staff can be made to see the layout through 3D glasses.

  • The managers should also check whether the exits are working properly and if there are no obstacles. Also, the signage to exits should be working so that they can be recognized easily.

Hospitality e-learning is also inevitable because employees can miss the important moments of training when it’s conducted face-to-face. It is because the employees use public transport to commute and may arrive late for training sessions. Also, it’s tough to provide the training to employees who can’t attend due to their hectic work schedules.

So, hospitality e-learning is perfect for Hotel employees to teach them how to behave in a post-Covid scenario.

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