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E-learning should be accessible for everyone around the world. It’s because every individual should be able to harness the power of online learning. We just can’t ignore the disabled and their employability also.

How to aid dyslexic learners?

Dyslexia, which is a reading disorder, is found frequently these days. This has affected 10% of the population worldwide, so if it is a large organization with huge manpower there are chances that there might be a dyslexic person. Companies are often confused as to how to address the training needs of such people with accessible e-learning.

By taking care of the learning requirements of these people, you can increase their feeling of belongingness.The employees should be able to indicate whether they suffer from dyslexia so that the company can contact e-learning companies USA for such content.

Use large size fonts

Since interpretation is a major problem, include larger size fonts in the text. Such font should be bold for learners to have a better reading. Screen readers are reliable for such learners because when they can’t read something they can command this software to read it out to them. The dyslexics have a problem reading words with difficult spelling, so the language should be simple for them. Apart from refraining from the use of tough language, make sure that there is no italic font style is used which makes words tough to examine.

Use h1 and h2 tags in the content

The dyslexic and partially blind learners can’t read the content and the screen readers can only help them. And when such readers can read the headings, understanding becomes easier for such learners. It’s because they only focus on headings which makes it important to use h1 and h2 tags in your content. Using such tags can help the visually impaired too, because then they can instruct the screen reader to just declare those headings. If the learners need more insight into the content, they can ask the readers to go through paragraphs.

Get eLearning companies USA to work on the storyboard for such learners because they the specialization for ideating content for them.

Accessible learning for visually impaired

The company has to take care of the learning requirements of visually impaired learners too. It does not take much time to add alt text to an image which is the only resource for such people. They can’t see an image, but when the screen reader reads its alt text, they can understand the purpose of the pic. But when such alt text is missing from images, visually impaired learners miss out on the imagery.

Get an LMS that has a content zoom feature from e-learning companies USA so that learners who have weak eyesight can check the content thoroughly.

Accessible learning for hearing impaired

To enhance the accessibility of your content, it’s better to use captions so that people with auditory problems can understand it. They have to examine the content because they can’t hear it. For such learners, captions have to be included in podcasts also. People with motor skill challenges are also there. These people have trouble using their hands, it’s better, that more words or a phrase is hyperlinked and they can easily click on it.

All kinds of impaired learners should be able to contact technical support when they face any issues accessing the content. The contact information should be easy to get to through screen readers and captions. The best option is an instant messaging option where the learners can see their answers or even they can enable the screen reader option.

How to have the perfect LMS for disabled learners?

The e-learning companies USA can assist with creating an LMS. They can make sure that the entire information, about the user, is collected. After this information has been adjudged, various resource preferences are generated for the user based on teacher recommendations. Then the system provides the user with a resource ID based on his needs and he is assigned a resource based on it.

Of course, the LMS has to be integrated with adaptive learning software for the impaired learners. Hence the LMS administrator can create the profiles of the user and it’s stored in the database. The users with similar profiles are grouped by the Learner Profile Management system and hence the admin can see the templates suggested by such users by the LMS. So, when a disabled user logs into the LMS, he has the content zoom or the screen reader features enabled. E-learning companies USA can help you get such accessible content options in an LMS.

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