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How can Employee onboarding be done to prevent workplace accidents?

Workplace safety is getting quite a lot of importance these days. It’s because when an employee gets hurt, the companies face a lot of flak from the media and their reputation is at stake. When employees are hired into a job, they don’t know much about it.

So, e-learning companies USA can prepare the relevant onboarding material which differs from one business to another.

How to prevent workplace accidents? Included in the onboarding of HR

Apart from there have been requirements imposed by OSHA for accident-related record keeping.

For example, the employers have to maintain the OSHA 300 log for 5 years. This log helps employers to keep a track of accidents at the workplace by recording them to ensure that they are not repeated by eliminating their causes. These accidents can include consequences such as death, leaves given to an employee for recovery, significant medical aid, or a critical injury. In case there is an audit, then the employer must be able to show correct records to a government representative in 4 hours.

For example, if a fire breakout has happened in the past due to some electrical malfunctioning, make sure its causes are rectified. Apart from accidents, this log includes the frequency and the tasks and equipment which involved them. So, companies can use this log to get rid of all accident causes by detecting hazards.

Besides recording accidents that happened to permanent workers, it also includes incidents with the temporary workforce. Training about maintaining this record can be a part of the HR employee’s onboarding process. Every employer should make sure that he reviews the OSHA 300 Log every year to prevent any accidents.

Since 2015, employers in certain industries are not required to record any accidents because these industries don’t have hazardous work environments. These partially exempt industries have been segregated as per their NAICS codes, for example, it includes companies dealing with Bookkeeping, payroll systems, tax preparation and auditing (NAICS 5412), and many more. Even medical and diagnostic laboratories(6215) don’t have to maintain OSHA lists. The employers who have hired 10 or lesser employees don’t have to keep OSHA records.

Prevention of back injuries for employees

There can also be injures caused due to lifting materials like parcels. The back problems caused due to them can lead to sprain and hence a worker leaves. Hence workers hired for such jobs should be given safety training. There are many industries where such disorders are common, such as food processing, office jobs, healthcare, warehousing, etc. Ergonomics is an area of concern for companies because if people are not suitable for jobs due to their health, it can cause injuries. Employers have to make sure that the workers don’t suffer from any musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) including back pains during work.

The workers can get such problems when they have sedentary jobs which don’t require them to get up. So, when you sit in the same position for a long time like squatting, then you can develop MSD’s. If an employee moves his upper body to pick something from a height or bends, he can experience MSD.

For creating a favorable work environment, employers must ensure that the workers report that they are suffering from such issues on time before they have to quit their job. Employees must be trained about how ergonomically doing the work can benefit them and they must refrain from extra exertion at all times.

If the employees declare in time that they have any MSD symptoms, the companies can reduce the time lost due to injuries by treating such disorders. Companies can check various ergonomic solutions to see whether they are successful or not.

You can make sure that the employees are trained in ergonomics like how to lift heavy materials and correct bending to avoid any problems. E-learning companies USA can prepare interesting and relevant content in this matter using the OSHA training guidelines for such concerns.

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