HR Elearning

How is HR elearning useful for employee training?

There are a lot of job changes an employee goes through in his/her lifetime. But, sometimes organizations are not prepared for long training periods after an employee has joined to accustomise him. In fact, new employee training means spending so much on training and paying for man-hours just to explain the software and the work-based procedures to him. Instead, they prefer retaining older employees, even though it requires giving them a hike.

Although employee attrition can’t be stopped, one of the main reasons that happen is a paucity of communication between employers and employees. The pandemic has made sure that employers have to work hard to ensure that employees are getting the required focus and incentives. The companies are finding it hard to get labor ready to work from offices. So, once you have such labor you can’t let them go easily, even if it means investing in their training to make them suitable for higher-level roles.

Companies are giving their level best to ensure employees are not deprived of any skill-based training. But, employees can also feel exhausted when their work schedules are overloaded with training sessions.

HR e-learning has therefore taken such importance because they have to adopt new technologies for employee training.

One such novel technology is the remote visual assistance software.

On the point help available

The remote visual assistance software provides excellent support to companies who handle employee problems arising due to their dealing with new software. It’s because such software can be introduced into the LMS of a company to ensure that whenever employee practices simulations he can’t get stuck. He might be going through the process to install a router at a customer’s place and finds that somehow the relevant simulation uploaded on the LMS is missing some steps. He can immediately contact his senior, share a link with him on the remote visual assistance software, so that the live stream from a customer’s phone is available, encircle the router, and ask for help.

However, the employee first has to share the browser-based link of this software with the customer so that live feed from the latter’s camera can be seen on his phone. 

The expert can guide the employee, whether the router model is outdated or there is some other problem blocking the installation.
Hence, employees become perfectly confident because they know that they have just-in-time support available to them.

Excellent customer service

When employees are working in their cubicles and face issues while working with software, they can resolve them immediately without hitting Google because they can share screens with the superior through remote visual assistance software. This kind of assistance is quite imperative for a customer support executive who sometimes can’t solve the client’s problems even after consulting LMS. Hence he can send the link to the customer and get him to share his screen and then exchange the same with the expert and get immediate answers. For every employee, a company invests so much time in training, but often it’s not productive because the employees have not learned anything practical. But with this software when screens can be shared by trainers ad co-annotated by the learners the experience is quite different. It ensures that employees don’t take much time before becoming productive for a company. HR E-learning is paramount to ensuring that employers learn this tool.

Employees can also benefit from this technology when the new employee is paired with an older employee. So the former can ask all kinds of questions and improve customer satisfaction rate.

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