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How can employers reduce the difference in female employment?

Women’s employment is a cause of concern to the US government. A massive number of women(2.5 million) have left their jobs between 2020-2021 in the US. It’s all due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on women’s employment. The women had to bear so many responsibilities during the pandemic because males could not leave their jobs to take care of the kids at home. Since schooling was stopped for kids, they had to be taught at home because they needed assistance in online classes. Also, the wage disparity also played a role in females losing their jobs because the family became a priority for them over their careers.

Females leaving their jobs has had a negative impact on the GDP of the country because there is a relationship between female employment and per capita GDP. As more women leave the labor force, the per capita GDP starts to fall.

Hence, e-learning companies USA can help women in getting their careers back on track after the pandemic. Just like men, women also need skills expansion to resume working. Today, people with college degrees are commanding more salaries than those who don’t have them. Women also are not chosen for middle management positions due to their lack of degrees. So, women can ensure that they are in such positions by working hard to get college degrees through e-learning. It’s true that the lack of female education has led to women being underrepresented in management positions. Women just hold 33.3% of positions in middle management, which is quite staggering.

Steps were taken by employers to promote female e-learning

Women also see time as a hindrance to pursuing education when they are employed. It’s because employers do not offer enough support to women to become a part of educational opportunities. The e-learning programs introduced in companies are often directed at men because of their longer duration.

Short duration programs: Employers can hence make sure that the females in their companies are able to take advantage of e-learning companies’ USA programs by making sure that they are of short duration. They can be certificate-based programs or boot camps which don’t take much time.

Offer child care schemes: Employers can also ensure that women who are juggling their time between family and careers can finish the e-learning companies’ USA programs in time.

So, this is possible through child care benefits offered to them. This will ensure that they can hire attendants and babysitters to look after their children while they are at the office pursuing an e-learning course.

Proper career counseling: The women can also get guidance from employers about what kind of educational programs they can pursue. Employers can hire career coaches to make women comprehend how a certain e-learning program will help them in career advancement. They can even be informed about upcoming courses through newsletters. Managers can also act as career counselors to help women sign up for a certain e-learning course offered by the company. They can get an understanding of their skill gaps through annual performance reviews.

Offer financial help: Although employers pay for e-learning companies’ USA programs offered, if female employees want to sign up for external courses then employers can sponsor their education through student loans. They can offer financial assistance to women, which is later deducted from their salary when they get a hike or they repay the past graduation loans due to which women can’t undertake any further education.

Hence this is how employers can ensure that female disparity in employment is reduced.

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