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Is career transparency that important for making employees stay?

“We recruit for attitude and train for skill,” Atul Gawande

There has been a lot of employee attrition these days. This is the reason why e-learning companies USA are providing useful content to stop this trend. Employers are trying hard to retain employees, but the problem is career transparency. This kind of trend involves managers sharing information about the company with the juniors.

Why does employee attrition happen? No career transparency

When the companies conducted research about employee attrition, the main reasons were a lack of decent pay, respect from others, and a work-life balance. However, career transparency also emerged as an important reason why employees are quitting their jobs.

The main responsibility of managers in such transparency is to ensure that employees are shown how their careers will be uplifted with their present employer. The employees can also be told how this career progression is possible with skill and experience enhancement. Also, this kind of transparency ensures that employees are told whether they will be up-skilled to move them into higher roles or re-skilled for a diversified career. So, with career transparency, an employee will not quit when he knows that his employer has his best interests in mind.

Paucity of career transparency is a vital factor due to which employees quit because they don’t know what an employer has in mind for them i.e. when the former are not aware of their future in a company. If an employee knows that his employer appreciates his hard work and a salary increment is in store for him, he will put in more effort. However, when an employee is not given any such indication, he/she will leave the job for better-paying opportunities and even different profiles. It’s true that companies that believe in the skill development of their employees can stop them from leaving. For example, an offline marketing person in a company could be trained in Digital Marketing as well so that in the future he can be promoted to the CMO role, encompassing a higher salary and perks.

Hence, e-learning companies USA can provide the most useful content for the skill growth of employees.

Following are the reason why employees are quitting jobs due to lack of career transparency

  • No communication between managers and employees

Employers/managers need to stay in touch with the employees. It’s important to be concerned about employees well-being at the jobs and listen to their woes. Employers must know that employees like when they know that their work is being recognized. So, even if his superior feels that an employee needs to make some changes for better performance, it should be conveyed. Performance management should be done on a monthly basis rather than on a yearly basis when employees are motivated to work harder to fulfill their goals. They can inform the managers about the hindrances which are causing their performance to fall behind the targets.

The managers should make it a point to conduct individual Zoom meetings with employees and don’t delay them due to hectic schedules. The superiors should also ensure that these meetings are conversations and not just compliant sessions, so they should listen to employees rather than just blaming them for a lack of work.

When an employee tells his superior that something is amiss from his work, because of a certain dearth of skill, he can be informed about the training planned for him. The managers should take note of employees’ daily work reports and guide them about the next steps to excel in the current role and how to prepare for career advancement. Also, during these video conferencing calls, an employee could be acknowledged for his successful efforts, which boosts his confidence.

  • Lack of Fair promotions

The employees should be informed as to what they need to do to get a promotion. This assures them that all the promotions in the company have been done based on competency and not because of any bias or nepotism.

Companies can only thrive when employees thrive in terms of skills. Hence, particular traits of employees such as curiosity, collaboration and innovation should be encouraged, rather than curbing them. A company that has understood the importance of continuous learning and development can only move forward, otherwise, nothing can prevent its stagnation.

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