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Why is sales training relevant now in online sales?

The businesses have gone through some rough changes during the pandemic. As a result, the focus is on coping with alterations in customer demand. There is now a major reliance on tech tools to cater to a customer-centric market.

Companies can benefit so much when selling training is imparted because the reps get the requisite knowledge about how to sell products without giving any discounts.

With time, technology to reach out to customers has changed significantly like the advent of social media.

So, a business needs selling training to ensure that its sales reps can handle the social media platforms and reach to the relevant buyers.

Selling a product to someone requires soft skills, including empathy towards the customer’s problems and how can a business solve them. Without due compassion and patience, it’s tough to make sales for any rep. They can also ensure that a company gets repeat customers who are well acquainted with the benefit of the products.

Selling training for employees can only ensure that customers can develop a trust in the company necessary for retaining them. The brand worthiness depends on the correct customer experience and after sales services, and they are managed by a rep.

These are the following techniques which must be included in selling training:

What training does a sales person need?

  • Senior advice

Sales executives take a lot of advice from their colleagues about how to get better at what they do. Almost 50% of employees consult their peers when they face troublesome situations at work. Hence, companies have videos of employees dealing with irksome circumstances.

Big companies now have video libraries containing much anecdote-based content prepared by their senior employees.

Moreover, in sales-based training, there is a need for JIT because such executives need timely information.

Companies have realized the importance of the forgetting curve, which implies that people forget information after a time. Hence, training them all the time is not useful because they can’t recall information when needed, which proves to be disadvantageous for the company.

The JIT means receipt of information when required. Hence, a video about a peer doing it is critical when they can’t deliver a sales talk to a lead because of no knowledge about the required product.

  • Technical training

The sales executives get precise information through the mass mailing tools about which leads are interested and which are not. Hence, depending on the email opened by a lead, they can customize their sales email and spend time only on interested buyers.

Otherwise, they can end up wasting their time on uninterested people. Such tools store data about any correspondence with leads so that future sales executives can continue the conversation.

In fact, through tools like automatic emails, the sellers can also send such information to prospective clients and learn about their interests. For example, if the email about the price list is not opened by the lead, then they are not interested.

Hence, the executives need selling training about using mass mailing tools, including sending emails about the trial offers to the leads and getting some action from them.

  • Managerial reviews

The managers need to give periodic reviews to their juniors so that they have a better grasp of their performance. The managers can make a mammoth difference to the numbers of a company when they provide proper feedback to reps about why conversions are not happening. Managers can get so much information from the sales reps during such reviews.

Video coaching is a useful tool for managers to train the reps without being in the same area.

They can communicate with reps and other stakeholders by providing them with behavior-based microlearning lessons about how to canvass leads at every stage of the selling process. They can also aid the LMS admin in scheduling the lessons for the reps for their reinforcement after the review.

How to qualify the leads?

The customer sales representatives must have adequate training to understand what the buyers want.

There are so many technologies at the disposal of such executives, for example, WhatsApp, website form; that they need to store data in the CRM about their use by the target demographics. The buyers’ responses are late, but CRM software lets the sales executive know where he’s going wrong because if a lead does not convert into sales, then his criteria for qualifying the lead was wrong.

It’s the manager’s job to check that the lead was qualified as per the right criteria. Just because the lead had the right buying budget does not mean it would choose you over competitors. Hence, the managers need to guide the sales reps about how to shortlist leads and pursue them.

It’s because managers have insights into what criteria should be used for qualifying a lead; it could be behavior that shows interest, like reading emails. Just belonging to a certain target demographic is not enough.

In the future, the L&D and the sales have to work together because practical aspects of selling training are as important as theoretical lessons. So, no matter how much money a company spends on LMS, a vital part of selling training is the regular performance reviews by managers pinpointing the mistakes of reps in choosing the leads and conversing with customers.

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