safety training

Why is safety training important? 

Multilingual workers are present in every industry now. It’s because companies hire workers locally to save costs. The company should make efforts that employees can learn in their local language. When employees are not taught in their local language, there can be problems. The employees can easily follow safety-based instructions when they have been imparted to them in their own language. In fact, 1/4th of job-based accidents happen because employees still need to be given safety training in their local language. 

A company cannot ignore the need for translation because the safety of its employees is at stake. So, it must ensure that the training is translated properly. It can use AI-based translation tools to ensure that the employees have safety tips available in their local language. 

These workers also need to be given safety training so that they don’t become victims of accidents and cause the company losses.

There are many reasons why safety-related accidents happen, one of which is wrong lifting

  • Improper lifting: 

Sometimes, a worker cannot lift something alone and needs somebody else’s assistance. He should evaluate this situation before lifting something so that he does not hurt himself.

In fact, the right kind of lifting technique, including handling carts, should be taught to the worker during safety training.

Heavy lifting without proper support can cause muscle pulls for workers, apart from back and shoulder injuries. This leads to absence from the workplace, causing losses for the company. So, a company needs to train workers about proper lifting to avoid their absence from the workplace due to injuries. 

  • Fire breakouts:

Fire safety is also an important part of safety training. An organization can experience a fire breakout at any time, and therefore, the incident must be reported in time so that the fire can be put out. The employees must also know how to douse the fire themselves if they are unable to get out, and hence should be taught how to use the same.

Teaching employees how to douse the fire is crucial in safety training. There can be a time lapse before the fire firefighters arrive at the scene. There should also be fire alarms installed at the workplace so that everyone is alerted once a fire breaks out. Sprinkler systems can also help in extinguishing a fire. Fire drills must be conducted so that employees know how to use fire extinguishers and safely exit the building through emergency exits. 

There can be many reasons behind a fire at the workplace, like electrical issues, which include bad wiring starting a spark. Also, arson could be the reason for a fire when a frustrated employee starts a fire; hence, the entry of employees inside the company should be monitored.

When a company is using flammable materials, it needs to be careful because anyone smoking in the presence of such chemicals can cause fires. In fact, smoking should be prohibited in such areas where such chemicals are kept. All these measures should be a part of safety training in a company. 

  • Workplace violence:

Prevention of Violence is also a part of safety training. Violence in the workplace can also involve homicide and, hence, should be prevented. If an employee sees any risk factors that can lead to a major event in the future, he should report it on time. Women have been major victims of workplace violence.

There can be many reasons behind workplace violence, which include thefts which can’t be predicted. There can also be violence committed by the customer who might be angry over something.

Sometimes, workers also fight with each other due to trivial reasons. It’s the company’s responsibility to mediate between conflicting workers before it escalates into something big. 

This involves checking all the incidents of workplace violence which have happened before. Then, analyze the perpetrators of such incidents. If the company installed any systems like alarm systems after such an incident, their efficacy should be noted. If a company has not been able to prevent violent incidents even after installing such systems, better systems should be considered.

Apart from that, it has been found that employees who work till late at night are often victims of violence by outsiders. Therefore, there should be some mode of protection given to them, like cabs which deport them safely to their homes. A company can also provide such employees with licensed arms so that if someone enters the premises at night, they can protect themselves. 

A company should also take the employees into trust because they are the biggest sources of information. A company should know that workplace violence can make employees leave the company. Hence, steps should be taken in time. If someone experiencing domestic violence by a coworker complains to HR, he should not face any revenge. His information should be kept confidential by the HR. 

The company should make sure that workplace violence is punished appropriately. There should be proper punishment for the doers of such actions. If there is not, verbal violence will continue to take place because there are no repercussions. It’s important to show simulations, so employees know what to do in such situations. Workplace violence can happen due to reasons such as a depressed employee or overconsumption of alcohol at the workplace. 

Training about violence in the workplace makes employees recognize any symptoms of the perpetrator. There could be signs such as deteriorating job performance, which means depression and aggression as an end-result. 

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