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What is OSHA-based safety training?

There has been a massive change in the industry now. New rules and regulations have come up for the safety of employees. The employers are also concerned because the OSHA can impose huge fines on them.

But when employers proceed to provide online safety training, they need to be cautious.

There needs to be a special preparation of online training programs in which information for the site needs to be included.

What’s the need for site-specific information?

This site-specific information includes the particular characteristics of the site. These properties can lead to accidents, and hence the safety procedures for a site are very specific. The characteristics of a site decide the hazards present, such as electrical issues, chemical dangers, etc. Hence, according to the dangers present, emergency procedures have to be devised such as evacuation routes and where the safety equipment such as fire extinguishers needs to be placed. This placement has to be done near the areas that are most likely to have a fire breakout. Site-specific information also decides the amount of pathogens and chemicals present in the air, due to which wearing a PPE kit is necessary. If the site-specific information is not taken into consideration, there can be a complete failure of the OSHA-based online safety training. The following things need to be taken into consideration so that the safety training is not a failure.

  • Including assessments:

There must also be the inclusion of assessments to check whether the employees have carefully learned all the instructions taught to them in the safety training. They can show their managers whether they know how to run a machine or if the machine starts showing some problems, how to stop it. Employees can also be given written assessments in the form of MCQs in which they answer what’s the best alternative in a certain emergency. Apart from MCQs, there can also be true/false questions to check the response of employees. When the employer feels that there is a requirement for a more detailed response from the employees to know their reaction in a certain situation, there can be inclusion of a summative assessment in the test. It’s also necessary if, unfortunately, a situation occurs, and employees commit mistakes, and an OSHA audit happens. Such certifications can prove that employers have nothing to do with the accident.

  • Face-to-face training:

Although online training is the best way to teach employees about safety, it must be followed by face-to-face training for employees. It has the benefit that employees can talk with their seniors to resolve any confusion. There can be confusion regarding the steps to be followed when a machine malfunctions. OSHA has laid mandatory regulations that if the employees need direct interaction with the trainer, they should be able to do so through a hotline. An organization can even go further and make the employees go through a fire drill. This can let them know exactly what they need to do when there is a fire breakout. If they can’t douse the fire with the aid of a fire extinguisher, evacuation is the only way possible.

  • Lack of translation:

Some employees might not understand the training provided in English, as they are not familiar with the language. Therefore, if they need to be given translated materials or an interpreter.  Also, some cultures don’t allow employees to be frank. So, if employees are hesitant to ask questions from the trainer, they should be encouraged to resolve their queries. Any confusion among the employees can cause trouble for the company in the form of unwanted accidents.

Some employees might not understand the anecdote shared by the trainer or shown in online safety training because they have never worked in a factory environment before. Therefore, culturally relevant case studies must be used for them.

In fact, for such employees, group discussions are crucial to completely understand the situation so that they are clear about the situation. Since companies are hiring from different cultures now, the performance assessment must be done fairly for different people. Moreover, if the assessments are checked correctly, there is more acceptance of the rules and regulations taught in the online safety training.

  • Slow internet:

Technical issues can also cause a disturbance with OSHA training if the internet connection does not work at an optimum speed. Sometimes, the workers need access to safety training materials to prevent an accident, hence a company can’t afford such an internet connection. The company management must see that there is no server downtime and the internet connection is optimal so that workers can use the material as and when required.

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