web training
What should be included in fraud awareness web training?

Retail companies must be quite observant about preventing fraud involving money loss. The companies must ensure that they have proper controls in place to prevent the skimming of funds by employees. Hence, all Employees should know the basic accounting principles and how to enter transactions into the computer so that the company can reduce dependence […]

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selling training
Why is sales training relevant now in online sales?

The businesses have gone through some rough changes during the pandemic. As a result, the focus is on coping with alterations in customer demand. There is now a major reliance on tech tools to cater to a customer-centric market. Companies can benefit so much when selling training is imparted because the reps get the requisite […]

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HR training
What is the best training for HR to retain employees? 

The employees are the primary tools for a company. Hence, companies are investing in human capital management. The Great resignation highlighted the importance of human resources, which has complicated things for US companies. The training for HR is necessary in this regard so that your company does not become a victim of employees resigning. Hence, […]

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What is etraining? Does it suffice for advantageous learning? 

E training is becoming the most requisite concern of companies because employees prefer to work from home. It includes imparting training to employees through an online platform. The training has taken a pivotal role for companies because employees don’t want to waste time following an in-person training schedule. Moreover, when virtual meetings are included in […]

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Why is accessible training crucial during the recession?

The employers must realize more than ever the benefit of hiring disabled workers. It’s because, in this job market where there are not sufficient jobs for everybody, such people are likely to be more unemployed. They are ignored for jobs over their more “competent” counterparts, even when the former have college degrees like them. The […]

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What does it mean by upskilling for cybersecurity?

Government agencies are becoming quite proactive about security measures because they face the same hacking risks as other companies. However, such agencies must be more cautious about their cybersecurity because any data breach in another country’s hands can harm their national integrity. We live in an antagonistic environment, and a lack of security can have […]

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training program
How does an LMS affect skills training in an organization?  

eLearning has become a quintessential training need of the modern-day worker. Technology is going through a rapid transformation; hence continuous skills’ enhancement has become necessary. The HR (Human Resources) in a company organizes skills training program to ensure that the employees become acquainted with the crucial processes. A skills training program is created and delivered […]

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How does eTraining help in better inventory management?

The need for eTraining is greater than before now. The companies are acknowledging its importance because they are subject to such unpredictable environments that eTraining can only help them. There is an increasing demand for supply chain management because companies find it difficult to handle unanticipated disruptions caused by the pandemic and war. The companies […]

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web based training
What is meant by accessibility in web based training? 

Web-based training is now happening everywhere. Its rise can be attributed to a lack of time with people. LMS is the key component that determines the accessibility of such training. The inaccessibility can arise with web-based training when the users can get stuck on certain aspects of the LMS, like how to perceive objects due […]

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He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.