New approaches to instructional designing
Emerging trends in instructional design

The instructional designing model is here to stay. However, there are some trends that are going to be in vogue for the future in this industry. • The question before instructional designers: The vendors who are working in the market need to know whether the solution will find the right buyers. The instructional designing solution […]

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elearning is a better technology than traditional learning
Elearning provides a better learning environment

There has been a revolution in digital training. Elearning has been getting popular in the corporate sector. The companies are continuously using it. Elearning has also become so famous because mobile phones have become popular since the early 2000s. There was a change in the uses of mobile phones during that time. Mobile phones were […]

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Blended learning
Use of Blended learning is increasing

Blended classrooms are getting popular. But what is blended learning all about? But it all started with Covid 19 when organisations had to move to work from home. Due to work home, the companies have also been able to streamline their work. Blended learning combines both offline learning i.e. which happens in classrooms and online […]

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elearning videos-How to use them?
Engage the audience with your elearning videos

Elearning has become a commonplace phenomenon now. There is the use of videos in elearning now. But how to use the elearning videos so that they give the best results?   Elearning Videos can be easily used for imparting practical training to learners. If your course is about constructing a PC, then it’s important to […]

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online training and its features
Online training: What does it involve?

In the present years, online training has assumed an important role.   Students are preferring elearning because it is easier to use than classroom training. Especially in the case of asynchronous elearning where the student and teacher don’t have to be present at the same time, students find it very convenient. This kind of elearning […]

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elearning getting used rampantly
What has led to elearning getting used so rampantly?

The popularity of elearning has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. It has benefits both for learners and companies. For companies, it’s an excellent method to make employees learn. Employees also get the advantage from an easy training method which involves learning from their own home. Elearning is not only used by companies to […]

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technology based jobs in 2021
Technology based jobs to look out for in 2021

Technology has a key role to play in everyone’s lives these days. With the coming up of Corona, a lot of technological trends have emerged.Artificial intelligence is one of such trends. You can improve your knowledge of this technology and then secure a high-level paying job for yourself in 2021.   Artificial Intelligence This kind […]

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How is academic advising getting affected in times of Corona
Academic advising in times of COVID-19

Today, in times of Corona, students need even more advice than ever before. Therefore academic advising has assumed an even more important role. Students need guidance about any learning issues that they face with online learning. So we can say that since the educational world has moved to online learning, academic advising has become more […]

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elearning methods
Different kinds of elearning: Synchronous and Asynchronous

These days, elearning has taken over the education sector. Now, there are two kinds of elearning present for interaction between students and teachers. The elearning is also now getting used by organisations for offering training to employees. Now, we are going to learn about the various kinds of elearning solutions: 1.Synchronous 2.Asynchronous Synchronous elearning means […]

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