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18 May 2021
remote work

How to manage mental health in remote work?

The recent pandemic has taken a huge toll on a person’s mental health. But there has been some research going on about it. There has been some data released about it, according to which the US workers are spending a lot of money on their mental health problems in terms of psychiatric visits and medicines.

So, how does remote work affect the mental health of the employees.

Although people have become more aware of mental health now, there is a lot more required. The people should not attach any taboo to the mental health of employees. When people don’t think going to a psychiatrist is derogatory, and then it can lead to positive results for those who are suffering from depression.

 There have been reports released by WHO as per which employees sometimes suffer from increased stress due to workplace problems. This can cause a decrease in enthusiasm and result in outcomes like reduced performance, problems with other coworkers, and increased leaves. The companies are then left with no choice but to fire such employees. Also, companies do some checks on the background of employees to know about their mental health issues. Therefore, people with such problems are unable to get employment. But, the solution is the opposite, i.e. employees with such problems should be reemployed to help them recover from this problem.

So, it is kind of a challenge before a company to make sure that the employees don’t suffer from such problems in the first place.

But, with the current situation, mental health has become a recurring problem with employees working from home i.e. the remote work culture. The employees work in a secluded environment with no interaction with their coworkers. The employees don’t have much interaction in a video conferencing call. There must be changes made to remote work to make sure employees don’t suffer psychologically.

How can employees have better mental health? 

Although companies do take care of their employee’s mental health, the programs can be different from each other. Some companies try to lure employees into having better fitness parameters like blood pressure, cholesterol and more exercise. So, employees who attain such parameters get incentives. Employees can also get rewards if they cease smoking. But, in the USA, there are counselling websites which the employees can reach out to through chat messengers and video sessions. On the other hand, when the companies have workplace counsellors they are aware of the company’s ambience also so they are better able to guide employees. The companies can recruit such counsellors on a permanent or temporary basis. 

Some companies in India have appointed counsellors in these times where employees can discuss their problems. These video chats can be asynchronous where employees have talked about their problems. 

For example, Microsoft India is one such company, where counsellors will talk about mental health problems with both managers and employees which can arise with remote work. 

Despite counsellors, employees don’t want to get treatment because it’s considered ludicrous. However, they can be educated about its benefits through instructional designing and elearning. Since the employees don’t have access to workplace counsellors in remote work, the company leaders should take their place. They should be able to detect the symptoms of anxiety in employees. They should be able to offer guidance to employees and resolve their problems with empathy. Leaders should be able to listen to problems employees are facing in remote work without having a negative attitude. The leaders can also provide advice to employees about how they can get rid of their mental health issues in virtual work. 

Role of elearning in improving mental health 

This is the job of the Learning and Development Teams now to make sure that employees don’t have mental health issues when they are working from home. There can be huge effects on a company’s productivity when the employees face mental health problems like depression.

The elearning USA can be a good way to make sure employees don’t feel bad about seeking help for mental health. For example, the elearning vendors or the L&D team of a company can make sure that they develop videos to change the mindset of employees about mental health. They can also make sure that employees are shown elearning videos involving characters and stories about how to deal with their mental health problems. There can also be a communication plan scheduled with leaders for employees to converse about such problems. 

17 May 2021
HR training

How to have adequate HR training programs in these times?

HR training process has changed rapidly in the last 2 years due to emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They need to be trained about how to retain employees from those who have been hired. So, you might be keen on hiring, but you need to be cautious. It’s because the pandemic has led to a shortage of cash in many companies, so they can’t hire many resources at once.

You can always hire more when you have more resources with you. The HR should instead concentrate on the best performers in the company and make sure that they don’t resign under any circumstances.

These are the following mistakes committed by companies while launching their HR training programs:

The HR training programs need to make sure that they cover all the loopholes in training. It’s easier to simplify recruitment training programs because the accounting department can’t handle so much training. Its important that you focus on the core competencies for the HR which are needed by the company at the moment. So, this is how the elearning vendor can focus on the individual HR training topics.

Having too tight a deadline

There can also be overexpenditure on the HR training program and you should be prepared for it. It’s better that you set a relaxed deadline so that you can commit more resources if required. With the right kind of deadline, you might be able expend additional resources. When you have limited time for development of HR training programs, you might not be left with some extra time for changes in the content of such programs. You can have problems with such a deadline if the trainers take time to grasp the new training software.

To outsource or not to outsource

There can also be problems when the HR training is not outsourced. Although companies might take such a decision to save money, it can cause problems. Its better to count the advantages and disadvantages of using internal or external resources before you decide on any option. You have to take into account the advantages of any such alternative on your employee’s productivity and your profits.

Apart from getting new courses prepared, you can also get already available courses. Such prebuilt courses can be tailormade with the help of other vendors known as white labellling. There are resources like multimedia specialists with vendors who can help amend such courses. The time taken for modifying courses is much less rather than building a completely different course.

Offer short modules

Although HR training courses are an important part of your company’s growth strategy especially when the times are so hard, you should know how employees train. HR’s don’t have much time with themselves for going through long modules and grasping information. So, its better to give them short modules such as in microlearning which they can access at convenient times. Such modules can be about topics like how they should evaluate applicants for a job for remote work.

Include employees in development

HR employees should be included in the training process. This implies they should be asked for their inputs in the development process of such training programs. You can only prepare the best of HR training programs in this way. You should also ask for their knowledge transfer, so that they feel encouraged to sign up for the course knowing they have contributed to it.

So, by following such tips, the companies can develop efficient HR training programs.

17 May 2021

How can a headless LMS benefit your company?

These days, elearning has become such an important tool to make learners learn.

But gone are the days when the content was uploaded on LMS USA. Now, it’s the turn of the headless LMS.

A headless LMS is something where the content can be uploaded anywhere and not just only a website.

A headless LMS can make sure content is provided on different devices like cellphones through a Content Delivery Application programming interface which is connected to the content database. There is no need for a website to upload the content. A headless LMS makes sure that the design of the user interface of a website is segregated from the back-end. So, when it’s time to make changes in the elearning content on the LMS, both these teams can work without each other. The backend team just needs to alter the content without relying on the front end team. This kind of situation was faced when the Covid19 pandemic hit the world in 2020. There was a fast need for change in content because rules for changing quickly. New rules came up regularly to maintain patient safety. So, there needed to be a way to provide information to health care workers without a website. This was possible through headless LMS where content could be uploaded on Android, and iOS apps without supporting websites.

The main advantage of a headless LMS is that content can be shown on various devices. This presents a great opportunity for companies that don’t have website developers to hire. And they know for sure that nobody is going to access a website portal in times of Covid-19. Anyways, for someone to be sent personalized content through a website, they have to be made to subscribe to the website with their email id.

Provides competitive edge to businesses

So, the ability to send information on any device helps businesses in becoming more competitive than others. They have an edge over other businesses because of their ability to distribute information through apps without needing a website.

For example, the fitness industry which has lost customers can benefit so much from a headless LMS. The gym members are now working from home, so you can only connect with them through WhatsApp which is cumbersome. These gym members need instructions about their workouts based on their health. So, the Internet of Things devices used by gym members who get connected to the content repository of the headless LMS used by a gym can get timely advice including fitness plans on how to train. These kinds of IoT devices consist of fitness trackers and can be sent customized fitness plans through a headless LMS.

In the case of a conventional LMS, it only accesses a single server, but the headless LMS can access many servers and provide content.

Adobe Captivate Prime as a headless LMS can be used to send content to different devices.

This is how a headless LMS can impact your business.


14 May 2021
Virtual instructor led training

Is virtual led instructor training a necessity now?

There has been a major change in the world, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Although the changes introduced have not been so negative, the way companies used to work has changed. Now, the training sessions are not conducted with the learners present face-to-face across the trainer, rather there are online sessions for them.

This is how the training companies have been imparting lessons now.

No feedback in a webinar

Now, how come a webinar is different from virtual instructor-led training? Communication happens between the trainer and the learners and there is no two-way instruction. A webinar is just about sharing documents with the learners like PPT presentations and web pages.

But a virtual instructor-led based training allows participants to share their feedback through the Feedback tab.

This option can also be used in a webinar but it’s not allowed so that participants have maximum listening because the purpose of a webinar is to just present information.

Make sure learners are given interesting activities

To make the virtual instructor-led training it’s better to keep drawing the attention of learners. This can be through allowing them to participate in a poll. You have to set up questions for the poll in Zoom Meetings then click on Launch polling, and then End poll when you feel that a sufficient number of participants have answered questions. This not only lets you know about viewer’s opinions but also about how much they are present during the VLIT training or they are just dozing off. The instructors can download the poll report to check how many participants have answered correctly.

What skills to teach through virtual training?

The Virtual instructor-led training needs to focus on special skills because it requires a lot of time from the instructor and the learners. So, technical skills can’t be taught through VLIT because the learners can’t see the display of the working of machines. However, you can easily teach soft skills through a virtual classroom. In fact, for software-based training virtual based instructor-led training should be combined with screencasts shared to the learners either before the interaction or after it in the form of recorded videos.

Make your training interesting

There should be a proper use of training materials during the virtual instructor-led training sessions. You can use Canvas by Instructure for example, where you can create content using brushes and then share the slides with the learners. The students can also draw on these slides if some blank slides have been inserted. So this is how you can brainstorm with students because Canvas can be integrated with Zoom.

Take feedback from learners

It’s better to ask all the participants what they think of the training. Once you have AI statistics to support you, you know where the training is going wrong. You can gather this information through polls.

Such polls provide strong feedback from learners who might not be willing to share feedback in person but share it online where they stay anonymous. They are encouraged for the virtual training in this manner.

Virtual instructor-led training is becoming quite popular with learners because of the widespread Covid pandemic where they don’t want to get out of their houses. Even though safety precautions are taken, they still want to get trained from home.


14 May 2021
website security

How to ensure website security?

Website content can be stolen by someone who accesses your website. That’s why protecting a website is quite necessary especially its code so that its design can’t be copied. Apart from stealing the content of your website malicious users can also put some virus code in the website to stop it from working. So, every page of your website starts showing a 404 error code and the users can’t see the content. The website hackers can also steal user data and use it for their good.

Website security is one of the most important concerns for website owners.

There can be some actions taken by webmasters to see that their website never gets hacked.

Choose a good hosting company

It’s important to look for a good hosting company that provides excellent bandwidth. It implies the website should not crash even if there a lot of customers trying to access it at the same time. But website security is also an important concern. So, do some important research before selecting a website hosting company because it can make a lot of difference to your business. The website hosting company should have all the software of the server updated. There should also be an action plan devised in case the servers get hacked like the use of a backup server so that your website does not become inaccessible. So, although shared hosting is less costly, it does not have the same advantages like a dedicated hosting plan.

A dedicated hosting plan might be the best solution for your website because you are not sharing the server with any other website. But its cost can be too unaffordable for a small company. Shared hosting has the disadvantage that if one website hosted on the server gets a virus or an unwanted script, so does the other website.

Protection through DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

This can happen when the websites with the same domain name are attacked.

These kinds of attacks use bots to inject a domain with fake traffic. So, this means, the whole domain shuts down and the websites hosted on it can’t be accessed at all. Fortunately, there is software now to prevent these kinds of attacks like Cloudflare. This software knows when there is genuine traffic or traffic generated by bots. So, they prevent bots from accessing your website. Make sure that while you are choosing web hosting it includes DDoS hosting as a part of its services.

Make sure you have SSL authentication.

A secure sockets layer(SSL) certificate is also quite mandatory for your website. This makes sure that a website has Secure Socket Layer Encryption which implies that the data traversing from the host of the website is safe.

Without this kind of certificate, your website can get malicious scripts that can be transferred to the browser because your server has been intercepted from an IP code. There can also be forms shown to the users of the website asking for their confidential information. With the users entering their personal information into such websites they can lose valuable resources. You don’t want to endanger your users hence taking an SSL certificate is quite important.

So, by following these three simple steps, you can ensure a commendable amount of website security.




14 May 2021
instructional designing

How instructional designing is supporting technological advancement?

Instructional designing has become so relevant in today’s times when the learners don’t want to venture outside their houses.

The job of an instructional designer is to create the perfect elearning material as per the requirements of the learners. Learners have so many tools available before them, today, like YouTube videos, social media and online articles.

This massive advent of resources has been possible due to the technological development faced by the world i.e. coming up of search engines. There has been a great use of portals by people to get information. There is no need for memorization of knowledge because it is all available online, and the best part is that it can be accessed on a Smartphone which can be carried anywhere. Earlier, communication with someone to grab information about some topic used to take so much time, but now this is no longer the case when there are websites and forums related to specific topics.

There is a shift in the mindset of learners also who want knowledge to be supplied to them when they require it urgently. The workplace has now shifted to a digital mode where instructional designing is used to create new forms of elearning. The remote working employees need materials regularly about compliance training and product innovations. Therefore there need to be big changes in the instructional designing methods to make employees satiated for their thirst for knowledge.

But when employees have such huge databases of knowledge before them, how should instructional designing choose for them.

Choosing what is important

The knowledge can’t be used for ambiguous purposes. It should have a specific purpose like how employees can fulfil the organizational goals with it.

Sending such knowledge

Knowledge distribution is also quite important because it should be accessible by employees at all points of time.


How can we ensure that our workforce has imbibed the knowledge it needs?

Instructional designing methods

There should be elaborate needs analysis done to make sure that the instructional designing material is in tandem. Hence the data to be used for the elearning experience should be seen through the perspective of needs analysis.

Instructional designing to developing employees

The needs analysis is concerned with fulfilling the performance gaps of employees. For example, the employee attrition rate could be more than required and in that case, the employers should focus on collecting data about what is lacking in training employees during employee onboarding.

Data should also be collected about the success of the training program devised later like whether the employees participated or not.
How to distribute data?
Once the data has been gathered about what should be included in elearning then the next area is how to disseminate the information. Every distribution method has its merits and demerits but a company should conduct due diligence before choosing one. For example, regular learning is more important than one-time sessions. When employees learn continuously, their learning rate is more.

Role of analytics in instructional designing

Analytics are quite important for employees because they can make sure that the learners get good amounts of support in terms of knowledge transfer. The newly-hired employees may be deteriorating in their work because of a lack of skills. Hence there should be timely online training given to them through proper instructional designing methods. The resources at the workplace should also be accessible to them and they should be built continuously by the content creators of the company. There should be effective support given to a newbie who should be able to give his best because of newly acquired knowledge.

So, this is how instructional designing can supplement technological advances which have led to easy access to knowledge for so many employees.

11 May 2021
elearning USA

How to have an elearning USA course suited for busy learners?

Elearning has become a popular mode of training. But herein lies the trick. How to develop elearning for adults? It is because they are not that enthusiastic to learn as compared to kids. Also, adults don’t have time for elearning USA due to their busy schedules. So, for adults, elearning in US should be designed in such a way that it offers them the freedom to study whenever they want.

Have fewer words on a page

Make sure that your elearning USA course is divided into proper pieces of information.

There should not be any long text in it. This is because learners can find that monotonous. Also, use short sentences in the course. Whenever you are using jargon in the course, make sure that you have a popup box to explain its meaning. There should be proper white space on the page so that learners find it easier to read. Apart from that, there should not be more than 1000 words per page.

Use infographics in an elearning USA course

This is a great way to include information in an elearning module. It includes information with visuals that attract the reader. It’s also an excellent tool when learners want to revise the course and don’t want to go through text. But don’t include too many images in an infographic because otherwise, it can have a long loading time. Also, the size should be less otherwise it won’t be showing in the course.

Make sure there are small sessions for adults

In the case of adults who don’t have much time except when they are free from kids and jobs, it’s better to have short sessions. For them, elearning USA modules should be divided into 5-minute sessions. So, the total session duration must be 15 minutes which can be further divided into 5-minute modules. This way, they can watch the videos without finding some extra time for it. They don’t need to be given video lessons only, they can be given audio lessons also which they listen to.

Include entertainment in elearning in US

Elearning USA is an excellent way to impart training to adults. Only if you know how to include entertainment in it. The learners always look forward to something entertaining. So, it is better to include video clips. There could be storytelling used in such videos. It’s tough to make videos with real-life characters. So, you can include character-based slides of elearning USA tools and tell stories through narration and slide transition. Otherwise, there are always animated characters in elearning USA tools and telling a story is easy with various special effects like whiteboarding etc. You can also include character movements. So when such elearning sessions are so entertaining, the adult learners try to find time to go through them.

Design a full-fledged course

The adults have a lot of tasks at their hand. Indeed, they can’t sit and watch videos. They have to attend videos such as going to sites and are always attending meetings. Therefore if you think that they can watch a course on a desktop PC, you are wrong. You can make sure that there are mobile apps for your course. It should be hosted on the cloud so that access without the internet is possible. When such access is there, office goers can watch it after their jobs get over.

This is how you can design courses for the learners who don’t have any spare time on their hands.

10 May 2021

How can microlearning be helpful for the sales team?

There are a lot of efforts required from the sales team these days. However, they also need training and sometimes don’t have time for it. They need training on a faster basis which does not occupy much of their time but makes them do their jobs better. They might need knowledge about product training or various processes used in the company. There may have been changes in the product due to which training has become necessary. The customer salespeople may also need information about how to make sales i.e. soft skills training.

Microlearning does not require much time from the learners because it’s short in size.

It consists of bites whose duration is 5 minutes. So, lessons can be completed at this time because each bite corresponds to one lesson. The benefit is the easiness with which you can grasp the learning. The learners can go through the content as and when they have time for it.

But there are other reasons for including microlearning in your training. 

Microlearning is understandable 

Since each bite/module covers only one lesson, there is no extra content given in a lesson. The learners can easily imbibe the knowledge given in one module. Since they just have to concentrate on one lesson, they can understand the topic quite quickly.

Transfer of knowledge 

Learning transfer is one of the most important considerations of training. Although cost and comfort of training are also important when employees don’t imbibe the skills needed, then training is a waste of time. Also, it’s no use flooding the brains of learners with too many critical skills. Instead, it’s better to provide them with short lessons so that they can recall the information when it is required. Critical lessons need to be delivered in short sizes because these skills require remembrance which comes with such lessons only. 

Information can be distributed easily 

There is also the problem of sharing long training courses with employees in different locations. They may not have the time to log into the LMS and go through the course. But this is not a problem with microlearning courses where WhatsApp groups can be formed and videos can be forwarded. Everyone is bound to go through mobile-based courses once in a while. The learners can check out such courses in their spare time. 

No wastage of time 

These courses are an ideal platform to launch information about new services or products. There can be mobile training platforms where the cards can be used to train employees. Information can be included on both sides of the card or just one side. The employees can learn faster through the images on cards. In the end, for companies launching new products all the time, it’s better to have mobile training. The salesforce is not forced to schedule any time away from work to learn about new products. Through microlearning, they can also revise the information on their mobiles when required. 

There is also a lesser time required to develop elearning courses. The employees don’t have time to devote themselves away from work to attend training seminars. Also, it requires a lot of time to develop such courses. 

Not much time required for development

The training is quite important for employees who make sales because they represent companies. When you have to provide training to employees, it’s better to have mobile-based training. It’s because the workforce is not bored by it. It also is better than synchronous training because the latter can have many hassles such as arranging trainers and booking space for delivering training. 

So, microlearning is the perfect tool to offer just in time training to employees.


10 May 2021
leadership training

What is leadership training all about?

Conflict management is a part of office politics. The kids who fought in school have grown up but the squabbling has not ended. So, how to do conflict management in offices where there are still cliques like in high school.

Leadership training is all about making the employees stay efficient at the workplace and handling their differences.

Get inputs from leaders 

Leadership training is quite important. The leaders have to move ahead with times and make sure that they can handle things well. The need for such training has also arisen because there are higher chances for career advancement. So the employees need to be guided well about how their current company is the best choice for them. The biggest problem before leaders is conflict management. So, the leaders are the best source when it comes to developing courses for them. They can let you know about topics that lead to conflicts such as individual egos etc.

Show simulations to leaders 

It’s not easy to say that the workplace conflict happens due to clients only. Conflicts between colleagues are also a common part of the workplace. While you might try to be cordial with a coworker, but it can be tough to not consent with them on something. The staff should be shown simulations, so even though they have different viewpoints, they don’t develop discord with each other. There can also be conflicts about cultural beliefs. So, the discussions about gender, race and class should be lighthearted. The simulations can highlight how minor disagreements about such topics can turn into altercations in the office.

Teach how to read body language and facial expressions 

The nonverbal signs are also important. The staff should be given lessons about the body language of their colleagues. This way they will have a complete understanding of when to stop arguing with the disagreeing co-worker. Before an agreement escalates into something major, recognizing body language and acting accordingly can calm things down. The staff can also be taught about angry customers and their body language so that they can handle things peacefully because they know what customers want.

Learn how to deal with emotions 

Most of the employees have been trained to not show their emotions. It’s because once you get hyper, it’s known as aggression and can get you into the bad books of HR. But, it’s important to connect with coworkers. When employees are emotionally engaged, they tend to devote more to their work.

The team should be taught how to deal with coworkers with respect. Disagreements are likely to happen in an office. And they lead to a better working environment because employees can share their opinions. Instead, when a disagreement happens, employees should know how to reach a stand amicably rather than bursting and shouting at each other.

Use videos to teach about leadership training 

It’s easy to recognize mistakes in other people rather than in ourselves. So when you are doing leadership training, it is better that you show leaders where they failed in handling conflicts. So, tell them according to you, what they could have done. You can show them a video where the leaders resolved things in a better way in the same situation.

Such videos will help leaders learn the right ways to resolve conflicts. You can also ask the graphic designer of your company to prepare an infographic so that leaders can summarise the proper conflict resolution tactics. 

Handling conflicts can become easier for leaders once they are shown videos. They can get such videos developed when they offer their feedback about problems in teams. Leadership training is being able to recognize body language and tackle conflicts. 

07 May 2021
compliance training

What should constitute compliance training for HR employees?

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes around the world. One of them is being able to cope up. There are so many ways in which training has to be delivered to employees to get the best results from them. HR could be one of such employees.

The compliance training for HR is a way to make them deal with pertinent company issues.

There could be employees coming to them asking them about pay inequality. Now, how should HR deal with such compliance issues?

The HR could be taught about compliance training in the following ways:

Branching scenarios

They are the best way to teach HR employees. Make sure that they have branching scenarios shown to them about different company situations. This could include bullying of employees. Show HR what needs to be done in such situations. You have to use branching scenarios to make HR learn the most. And how not reacting in such situations can have important consequences. In such cases, text can’t be just shown to them for learning purposes.

Real-world analogies

Make sure that HR employees are given real-world stories to make them learn the most. Storytelling can be used to ensure that HR feels positively towards stories. If there is an emotional connection with the staff, the HR won’t commit any mistake while dealing with their issues. The HR should be told the same stories that the employees have faced.

Discussions on social media

Social media discussions are relevant ways of teaching HR. The HR employees can use social media to make sure that their doubts are cleared. Furthermore, they can seek clarifications about confusing policies.

They can also use social media to discuss and voice their opinions about certain policies.


They are useful for dealing with employees that have faced discrimination at the workplace. It’s important to teach the HR employees how to deal with such changes. So, whosoever has been affected by such harassment must be pacified to make sure that they can regain trust in the company. They should continue to work there rather than thinking of quitting. Its because if they quit, it also affects the morale of other employees. So, you can use infographics to make sure that HR is completely aware of the process to be followed in case of such discrimination. They can also be informed about the different rules for harassment in different organizations.

Assessments for HR

There can also be assessments sent to HR showing how to handle harassment. The HR can then choose the correct option in a branching scenario video. The HR must know the difference between something innocent and something constituting discrimination.

How to make the employees believe that diversity is beneficial?

There can also be the use of videos to show HR how they are supposed to deal with such situations. Such videos can be about stereotyping how certain genders and ethnicities face prejudices when they are working in a company.

The HR can make sure that they can show how diverse people bring different things to the table. So, they can show such videos to employees to reduce gender and race bias.

The HR can also show videos of harassment to employees so that they learn how normal situations can include victimization.

It’s important to understand that the compliance training for employees has the wanted consequences. Therefore, there should be the following changes in employee’s behaviour after going through such training course.

  • Understanding: Employees should understand what includes sexually discriminating behaviour.
  • Change in behaviour: There should be a reduction in reports against bullying employees after they have received some training.
  • Passing of information: HR should transfer the knowledge gained by them to those working in the company.

This is how HR compliance training will give the biggest benefits.

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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.