Web-Based Training

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Web Based Training

Web based training

Web-based training refers to the training delivered through the internet. With the evolution of internet, the dynamics of how we learn is also changing at a rapid pace.

It has allowed companies to mitigate the challenges associated with training, like devising a schedule that suits everybody’s calendar, pace of training and most importantly, cost.

Web-based training (E-learning) can be asynchronous or synchronous. It depends on the situation on whether a company wants an instructor to be included in delivering the training (synchronous) at the same time as learners or wants the learners to attend the training at their discretion (asynchronous).

Synchronous web-based training has a significant advantage over classroom training because learners with internet access can attend it without requiring them to travel. Although asynchronous training has no instructor supervising the learners, it can have elements such as webinars, animations and podcasts to pique the learner to pay attention. These courses help those with jobs upskill themselves and finish courses whenever their office routines permit them to.

Furthermore, web-based training ensures that employees from all departments can participate in webinars, irrespective of where they are located. Since the chat-based feature is a part of LMS, the employees who are not a part of the company can also partake in webinars.

Web based training is quite useful for companies because it allows them to monitor participation unlike classrooms because there are interactivities which check whether the employee has understood the lesson.  It’s easy to get the learner’s feedback in the web-based training, where there is no need for frequent questioning in person and surveys can be sent. Moreover, through LMS analytics, a company can detect the time taken by employees to finish lessons, which indicates whether the content is user-friendly or not.

In asynchronous web-based training, the employees can learn the practical aspects of their jobs which help them to perform better because they watch interesting simulations about their line of work and daily problems. These simulations, followed by MCQs question learners about how they would resolve the practical problems facing them. It is a much better teaching method for behavioral dilemmas like conflict management faced in offices by employees rather than attending lectures where a trainer explains to them the soft skills strategies. The compliance rules can be taught extremely well through web-based training because there is no scope for inconsistency. After all, the material is standardized.

Moreover, in classroom-based training, a learner can lack focus, which cannot be tolerated in the case of compliance rules. But in asynchronous web-based training, apart from no dearth of employees’ concentration, there is no scope for any negligence by the trainer. Every law is explained in detail as necessary to avoid any compliance lapses. So, as a result of such training, everybody knows the compliance laws in the same way; there is no ambiguity among the employees.

Hence, e-learning provides the learners with the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, and at their pace.

We offer unparalleled training solutions with integrated audio, video, animations, interactions, scenarios, simulations, chat, conferencing, and 3D virtual reality.

Our learning and development team has hands-on experience in developing effective and impactful eLearning courses.

Web based training
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